Can you sell gold for what you bought it for?

Most pawn shops, “cash for gold” shops, and some local jewelers will buy broken gold items. Broken gold items are usually valued based on their scrap value, the value of pure 24-karat gold left after the object has been melted. Professional dealers will pay you more for your gold than for any of the alternatives. They are also by far the safest place to sell gold.

A valid ID, such as a driver's license or passport, is required, but it's worth the protection and peace of mind. It seems that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to enable Javascript in your browser. Gold Bureau is eager to buy a select list of precious metals and pay our customers the best dollars for gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars of all shapes and sizes.

We have made the process of selling your metals simple and safe by following a few simple steps. Use the “Sell us” section on any product marked in our store or search for your items in our Payment Catalog. You can also add more items in the sales tool if you want to add additional item types. After you select the items you want to sell, we will generate a personalized packing slip for you.

Download, print and apply to the package containing your items. You will have up to 48 hours to ship your package via FedEx to keep your payment locked. Since the ingot is a commodity, our purchase price is related to the current spot price of the metal, as determined by the Commodity Exchange (COMEX). We usually buy at or near the current spot price, depending on the exact item and market demand.

The exact payment price for your items will be clearly displayed with each product, regardless of the method you use to locate them. Please note that payment prices fluctuate according to current market rates until your payment is blocked. For a complete list of the items we buy with their adjusted price index, please visit our Payment Catalog. You will be guided through a short series of tasks to identify the items you want to sell, verify your identity and properly pack your box.

The payment price will be locked when the mailing label is created. At this point, you will have 48 hours to ship your item (s) in order to keep the price locked. You can directly access our Payment Catalog, which provides an easy-to-use filter to help you find your specific items, as well as a complete list of all the other precious metals we buy. All products are listed with updated prices so you can see exactly what the payment will be for each bar or currency listed.

You can also use the “Sell us” area while browsing the variety of products in our store. We recommend that you pack your precious metals to protect them from other items inside the package and from objects moving inside the box. Coins and ingots that are lost in the packaging could damage each other during the trip to our facilities. Using materials that securely hold items to the center of the box can help prevent movement during shipping.

This also allows us to easily locate all items within the package when it arrives at our facility. We welcome visitors to our headquarters in Leander, Texas. Since we have an extensive security procedure in place, we urge visitors to call us and schedule an appointment at least 48 hours before their arrival. You can work with a precious metal specialist throughout the process to ensure that your visit is arranged with our security staff.

Our purchasing process is not only straightforward and simple, but also reliable and efficient. After you create a personalized customer account on our secure website, you will receive an instant quote on the purchase price of your coins or bars, you can print a FedEx packing list and prepaid labels to send to our Leander, Texas facility. Depending on where you live in relation to Leander, TX, we see most packages arrive at our facility within three business days. This period may fluctuate during storms, holidays or other events beyond the airline's control.

Your payment is processed shortly after your items are received and verified by our team. You've spent countless hours researching the right coins, bars and precious metal pieces to add to your wallet. You've spent weeks, months or even years monitoring markets and spot prices. It has waited for the ups and downs of today's economy and has now come to the point of thinking, or perhaps even ready to sell its gold, silver and other precious metals for a healthy return.

And the last thing you want to do now is put up with the headache of knowing which place is the best place to work, haggle with a difficult buyer or, even worse, settle for a lower-than-average payment or be surprised by him. That's where the United States Gold Office comes into play. Our philosophy has always been to help clients successfully navigate the precious metals investment landscape, through education and personalized service, and to discover the optimal investment means that match their unique situations. Not only was the United States Gold Bureau founded on the premise of providing trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals market, but our goal has always been to exceed our customers' expectations by helping them make better and more informed decisions about buying and selling gold, silver and other investments.

metals. The main recommendation you'll find when researching selling gold in the United States, or silver and other precious metals, is to work with a reputable dealer who has a significant history of proven customer transactions. While there is a wide range of local coin retailers, pawnshops, and other brick-and-mortar companies promoting cash for gold, not to mention seemingly foolproof online marketplaces like eBay, one of the safest and most lucrative ways to move your hard-earned investments is to work through an organization such as United States Gold Bureau. Since our founding in 2003, the United States Gold Office has been successfully buying and selling gold coins, silver bullion, precious metal bullion and a variety of other pieces.

Not only do we pride ourselves on maintaining a long history and a positive reputation in the market, but we also celebrate a growing list of satisfied customers, many of whom return to work with us again and again. After you create a personalized customer account on our secure website, you'll receive an instant quote on the purchase price of your coins or bars, print a FedEx packing list and prepaid labels to send to our Leander, Texas facility, and even work with an account executive dedicated to resolving any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Your payment is processed immediately once your items are received and verified by our team. Not only can you trust your choices knowing you're dealing with a reputable organization, but working with the United States Gold Bureau will give you peace of mind in what can be an otherwise daunting and anxiety-provoking process.

Gold is a great investment, and one of the safest and most profitable you can make. On the other hand, tax rules on precious metals such as gold and silver can get quite complicated. Add in the many ways you can buy or sell gold (such as jewelry, in the form of bullion, coin, gold bullion, etc. The United States Gold Office, Directors and Representatives do not guarantee to customers that they will make a profit or guarantee that no loss will be incurred as a result of following its recommendations for collecting coins or the settlement of coins purchased from the United States Gold Office.

The resale value of your gold is based on the current market price of gold bars, but it takes into account several other factors. While there are reputable local jewelers who can offer you an honest gold resale price for your jewelry, coins, bullion or other items, selling your gold online with a reputable online gold buying business is convenient and should give you the most cash. Abe Mor, a dealer located in New York City, has a gold buying program that allows you to easily sell your gold bars online. The value of gold bars is very transparent, so if you know what kind of gold you have on hand and you weigh it yourself, you will have a good idea of what it is worth in the market.

As it is less pure than 24 karat gold, you will receive less money for an 18 karat gold item than for a 24 karat gold item. By knowing what you have and what it is worth, as well as by selling to a reliable gold buyer, you will go to great lengths to get a fair price for your gold. You only pay taxes when you sell your gold in cash, not when you buy more gold with the money. If you have old gold jewelry, gold coins or scrap metal that you would like to get rid of, this is the time to sell.

Thanks to a little-known law, you can now put gold or silver in your IRA or 401k account to own physical precious metals in the form of a coin or bar. This contrasts with the owners of a business (such as a gold mining company), where the company can produce more gold and, therefore, more profits, which increases investment in that business. There may be a higher fee when selling gold or scrap jewelry, which needs to be melted and refined, but with gold bars such as coins and bullion, the price offered should be quite close to the spot price. White gold has a silver or white metal look and is an alloy of gold with nickel, platinum or another metal.

Not all gold is the same, and there are several different markets that determine the price that is quoted for your gold item. . .

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