Did the US Steal Gold and Oil from Iraq?

The conspiracy theory that the United States stole Iraqi gold and oil, specifically $20 TRILLION in gold and $30 TRILLION in oil, is still circulating. Photos of American soldiers holding Iraqi gold bars are genuine, but they only show them taking pictures with the gold they seized in Iraq. The truth is that the US did not take any gold or oil from Iraq. The US military was tasked with securing Iraq's oil fields and preventing them from being looted or destroyed.

The US also provided security for Iraq's Central Bank, which held the country's gold reserves. The US did not take any of Iraq's gold or oil for itself. However, it did provide security for Iraq's oil fields and Central Bank, which allowed the country to protect its resources. This was done to ensure that Iraq could continue to provide essential services to its citizens and rebuild its economy after years of war and sanctions. The US also provided financial assistance to Iraq in the form of loans and grants.

This money was used to help rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, and improve living conditions in the country. The US also provided humanitarian aid to help those affected by the war. In conclusion, while there is no evidence that the US stole any gold or oil from Iraq, it did provide security for the country's resources and financial assistance to help rebuild its economy. This allowed Iraq to protect its resources and rebuild its economy after years of war and sanctions.

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