Is gold a good place to hide money?

Gold is valuable as a private currency. You can use it to avoid government control, because no government controls it. You can use it to “launder money”, an ominous but vague term that can mean bad or harmless things. You can use it to make anonymous transactions or transfers and to keep your money secret.

Puerto Rico Law 22 What is Puerto Rico's Law 22? Yeah. ABOUT CONTACT +1 (97 966-6623) Store a valuables container inside a larger container full of unattractive things. Label it as one of the best places to hide large amounts of cash. Whether you choose to stay in your home country or not, offshore gold storage offers an affordable way to store gold in a highly secure environment.

While some gold owners suggest burying a soda can over the gold to prevent the metal from detecting thieves, all it takes is a second wave of the detector to find more treasure buried under the scrap. Celente would recommend letting said mother-in-law know about your secret stash of gold, I don't agree with this particular method of storing gold. In the case of precious metals such as gold and silver, preparers are known for wanting these to be stored in places they can access (unlike a gold fund, for example). While everyone has a different opinion on how and where to hide gold and silver, my strategy focuses on gold ownership as a safe haven for assets.

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